Chainsaw Man

Post your face when she defeats Chudsaw Man.

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Why does media still make and falsify reports on csm and boost his popularity further if Makima is dead?

to sell his merch, what else? They also don't want another Gun Devil to appear.
>CSM becomes new Gun Devil

That will be so freakin epic!!!

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Because Japan just lost a superweapon that singlehandedly protected them from the Americans and the Soviets. so now their only hope is propping CSM up as a legendary hero who killed the Gun devil and pray that the other countries don't get uppity again. Bear in mind China had the control devil for a bit so the cats out of the bag that makima is gone and a fresh version of her is available to grab. The news reports also can't report on violent news because it would strengthen devils, ignorance is bliss.

Chapter comes out in 27 hours

Why does the common crowd wank CSM as a hero when he's responsible for the deaths of several civilians just to save a single cat? The world they live in seems very psychopathic

Because the common crowd wasn't at the place to see it and just trusts what they're told dumbass.


I have some hype in my van, come with me

Why does this hack insist on stuffing complicated ideas like concept erasure into his stories when he doesn't have the brain capacity to write them properly?

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I'll probably laugh since it's certain to be a very silly and ironic victory.

Trust who? It was alread established that the media is corrupt fujikek

Midwit writer thinks he's hot shit, happens all the time.

>It was alread established that the media is corrupt fujikek
When? And established to who? The reader or the people in universe?

Reality warping is not complicated idea tbqh. Pochita just changes the past, the present, the future with his broken power.

>not reporting on things that could make devils stronger means they're corrupt
room temperature iq

>and yet they reported on gun devil
Give up fujikek

can't tell if bait or legitimately stupid

after Gun Devil incident happened
someone is not happy today huh?

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>can't refute
Yeah, you're stupid alright.
>devils have existed for all of human history
>people knew about fear giving them power for a while
>but they only started restricting news after this one incident

>>people knew about fear giving them power for a while

Proof of the contrary?

The burden of proof is on you retard, you made the claim

>le reddit argumentation etiquette
STFU bitch. Use your brain and answer when do you think this was discovered.

>muh reddit
Maybe you should go back there retard