What do you think will be the next big thing after isekai wanes in popularity?

What do you think will be the next big thing after isekai wanes in popularity?

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Isekai won't wane in popularity anytime soon, because it's the only subgenre that, aside from idolshitters which are a completely disconnected medium on their own, has working adults as its target audience. Pretty much everything else is for teenagers or at most for young adults. But many isekai appeal to older working adults, too.

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>But many isekai appeal to older working adults, too.
Like what? Because, no offense, most do not seem very mature or well written.

Isekai has already sunk its claws too deep in the anime industry. Isekai is here to stay. Isekai will never fade away. Isekai will be hip for generations to come. Our kids will grow up watching Isekai & eventually one of those kids will become the President. And that President & the society he grew up in would have their values heavily warped by Isekai to the point where their goal in life is to fund research into constructing portals to other worlds.

Literally this but also Isekai wont wane until the Japanese population changes. The reason it's so popular because it's indicative of the social climate of Japan and the reflection of the lost generation. Thousands of Japanese (and many Chinese and westerners now) want to escape from their problems and Isekai is the genre that does it best, it allows for a clean reset. So it plays with the wants of the current generations.

>their goal in life is to fund research into constructing portals to other worlds.
How is this a bad thing? Are you one of those fags that calls NASA a waste of money?

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>after isekai wanes in popularity?
I don't know man, it's hard to think about what is going to happen 40 years into the future.

Holy based.

do you think twilight is well written or mature?

I don't think anything will wane in popularity anymore because of how saturated the market is of already used ideas and the scale it has reached in recent times. That aside, my money would be on a retro phase, just reuse old shit.

demon girls

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>after isekai wanes in popularity
isekai have been shoehorned into so many series just to pick up on the fad that the tropes are going to get absorbed into the various genres it involves itself with. like how there was that boom of FPS-RPG games, but now virtually all games have some RPG mechanics in them and don't consider it a genre mash anymore.
separately there are series that are specifically about the isekai and has become it's own genre which is going to stick around at least on a niche level.
>next big thing
short form twitter comics, which is already gaining steam. the fast turnover of ideas without needing the lengthy editorial process and ability to go viral puts them in a prime position to overtake other formats.

Hard to say. There never really is any telling what will be the next genre or subgenre to explode in popularity. It usually flows from one series that gets massively popular seemingly out of nowhere, by being particularly good and different enough from what everyone is kind of getting bored of to make waves, then followed by other similar series that are also pretty good and add enough of their own flair. And let's be honest, it would also have to be better at being wish fulfilment for lonely otaku than isekai currently is. If you want to take an educated guess at what the next big thing might be, think about existing genres in fiction in general - not just anime - that would lend themselves well to anime tropes, power fantasy and a bunch of cute girls, and hasn't already been done to death by anime.

>Isekai is here to stay. Isekai will never fade away.
No genre ever really dies off completely, so of course it'll be here to stay. But nothing can sustain its popularity forever; sooner or later isekai will decrease in popularity, even if only because fewer people in future generations are into anime and related otaku-oriented media.

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Isekai has the same ratio of well-written and badly-written stories like anything else, with there usually being much more badly-written or mediocrely-written ones than well-written ones. It's just that the vast majority of isekai got first written around 2012-2016, so isekai being adapted all at once makes it seem like it has too many bad ones.
Also I am not sure what you mean by "mature". Everyone means something else with that term.

I would say a broader version in the form of monster girls/kemonomimi

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Isekai isn't escapism though. You got gacha and gambling for that. Isekai is about affirming the wish of being rewarded for all the unpaid overtime and is the only way to affirm one's beliefs that one deserves more than the company grants, because even talking with colleagues about their pet-peeves with the company is frowned upon and can have serious consequences when reported, so isekai is a good way to maintain one's self and not become a dead-fish-eyes salarydrone. It's no wonder they often take jabs at companies, especially "By the Grace of the Gods" in particular though that had some supernatural fate/destiny elements at play too.

Monster girl SOL is the genre we deserve.

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>I will build a portal and the Demon world will pay for it

Reversed Quitting Heroing

>disconnected medium on their own
That's a funny way of saying "wish fulfillment bordering on pornography"

Not sure if I understood your post correctly. The part you quote was referring to the "except idolshits" part and not to isekai. You mean the same?