What the actual fuck was his problem?

What the actual fuck was his problem?

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He was an average person after all, and the average person can find enjoyment in murder and revenge
But they can also love their children, feel guilt deeply and keep living after incredible hardship

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Your average person doesn't actively wish for or participate in death of other people.

Yes they do, look how easily people can be made to cheer for war, or prisoners being raped, or a politician on the other side dying
So long as the other person is "bad" the average person can act indistinguishably from a psychopath
Anyway everyone should read BGY, it's kino

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>Mildly edgy average teenager watches the people who tormented him take his revenge
>Wasn’t intended, wasn’t even really wanted, but it still makes your heart glow

I can absolutely envision myself feeling exactly the same. I loved that he then forced the surviving/crippled bully to apologise to him, and fucked the girl he loved (took her virginity IIRC)

you live under a rock . its not the most common thing but thinking doesnt make it real which is how its a frequent thing .

>First chapter mentions NTR
>MC loses his virginty to his friend's girlfriend
>MC's girlfriend ends up in a realtionship and impregnated by another man
Bros, I think Kaneshiro is into NTR.

Contrary to this board's screeching, NTR has a lot of literary value when done right
Everyone has ex's and crushes, everyone ends up with someone's ex or crush

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What is that?

Bokutachi Ga Yarimashita lol
The manga the OP image is from

>Everybody is an ex or has an ex.
Not if you are a forever virgin. Checkmate, atheists.

this is supposed to flip the story upside its head right? all this time we think he's guilty for the murders, but he's actually guilty for enjoying the murders?

I don't think it's supposed to be a 100% flip. He did feel guilty but he also enjoyed it. His torment came from this contradiction.

Most people have considered it at some point. Certainly most teenage boys being attacked by unapologetic bullies.

Everyone has gotten poop on their hand while wiping too but there's no literary value in it. Prevalence isn't value.

Look at how many people are wishing for Russians to die, even the liberals.

Wait? Is this not MC's child? He got cucked? Who is this woman?

I'd say writing about broken hearts and failed relationships has value if you're writing for teenagers
Writing about poop hand won't stir emotion

don't bother reading this cucked shit. Typical godless jap schizo ramble

Hate this artist and his forced ugly art

That's his child and he didn't get cucked.
He got "cucked" by the woman he broke up with, and it happened like 10 years since the last time they saw each other so no, he did not get cucked in any way.
That word as completely lost its meaning.

I digress.

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He was literally me

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