If Araki were based, he'd bring Pucci in part 9 and in twist of fate, make him into this part's JoJo

If Araki were based, he'd bring Pucci in part 9 and in twist of fate, make him into this part's JoJo

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None of that sounds good or interesting

Araki doesn't care about this kind of shitty fan fiction.

Your retarded take aside, this pic always cracks me up with Weather's reaction at the corner so thanks for the laugh op

I still think Part 9' Jojo should be a pair of twins, a boy and a girl

that's boring. you're boring. stop boring me.

Having Jonathan's dick inside you at some point doesn't make you a Jojo.

Oh wow, you're so original, user.

I didn't say it to be original tho? It's something that Araki still haven't done and since Part 9 is the final part it would be a good way to end the series? But keep being a dick on the internet, that will get you far

I don't think you realize have much people already have this idea. Bringing it up for the 10279th time isn't necessary.

how much*

>Dio in Part 7
>Kira in Part 8
Logically Diavolo should be next in Part 9. Wait your turn Pucci fags.

>Doppio and Diavolo are in two different bodies in the new continuity

Might be cool

Yeah I'd like this

That already happened with Kira

Not either of you anons but I want twins and a futuristic setting since we having seen sci-fi yet. I think it would have a lot of potential
Oh and have one of the twins become the villain

>futuristic setting since we having seen sci-fi yet

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Nah one of the twins won't be the main villain but they'll be the main villain's number 2 or something like that

Well shit...
Regardless I hope it ends up being good

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He has long since forgotten about him. Also the new parts are all shit imo and the drawing style for the characters didn't get better.

>the new parts are all shit

Steel Ball Run exists

Don't get your hopes up we will most likely get ANOTHER Japan setting with another twink MC and it will take place in the same time period again.

Fuck Japan, bring back Italy again and we've got a deal

Yeah and it bored me and made me stop caring about JJBA. No I am not trolling for not liking the "objectively best part 10/10 who doesn't like it is a liar". The fanbase of that part is as shit its story and characters.

>i don't like it therefor is shit

Classic user, never change.

I have yet to read Jojolion but the reactions fans had killed my motivation for now. Even the one fan I know that is an avid Araki apologists that always pretended there were no plotholes or mistakes ever made in Jojo stopped mentioning Jojolion, this is telling. He praised it as the best part before.