Jashin-chan Dropkick

New episode tomorrow

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Finally a Medusa episode.

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The producer said Medusa's episode made him laugh the hardest


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The lack of screen time and varied dialogue has made Medusa lost what little she had to begin with.


oh damn if that aint a sign i dont know what it is

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I’m worried

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Would be great if she gets lots of screentime this episode but all she says is "Jashin-chan".

Medusa is funny and cute! Fute!

I can't wait for all the lewd Medusa fan art using this pose and the crazy eyes.


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Fuck Per-chan!

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>ahoge bone

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So she's got a head-tail too. Interesting.

Sasuga Yukiwo-sensei!

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>there are people out there, right now, who don't think Medyusa's episode is going to be the pinnacle of the season

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