Does something comes to mind?

Does something comes to mind?

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harem animes.

based npc


Yes, your favourite anime.

shippuuddeenn, peak pain arc

anime in general

most shonins

Texhnolyze for me. I was interested to see where it led but god was the ending shitty.

filtered, stick to moeshit

Dragonball Z. Peaked at Goku vs Frieza on Namek. Alternatively SAO, peaking at episode 1.

Any Forums after the ESLs started spamming worthless threads like this one


Madoka had a good ending though

If you don't see a shit ending coming until the last couple of episodes, that's on you.

Specifically the part where Mayuri is supposed to die no matter what for no reason

This but with manga....
Shingeki no kyojin.

Wonder Egg Priority

I'm pretty sure Any Forums hasn't been good since Naruto was being aired
Holy shit I forgot about that one hit wonder

Sailor Moon Stars. I feel like it was just starting to find its own voice when the final arc starts and there wasn't enough time with the cast. It needed more episodes. Plus the animation takes a nose dive during the finale.

Wonder Egg.