Are there any characters as baffling as Tobias?

Are there any characters as baffling as Tobias?
>Shows up without being hinted at before
>Steamrolls entire League with a legendary
>As soon as it loses he takes out another
>Beats the shit out of Ash
>Doesn't show up ever again, he did his part

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Him being there just to prevent Ash from winning the league was so obvious it was funny. They should have brought him for the Masters 8.

>They should have brought him for the Masters 8.
It's beneath him.

He is Pokemon's Jiren

He's just a player character imported from another game

>gets beaten by Cynthia
To answer your question: Leon.

>They should have brought him for the Masters 8.
Bring him back just to make him job to Leon
Fuck that, no one deserves to lose to that shitty shill

That Diantha fight was a complete fiasco. Can you imagine the reaction if it was Cynthia the one sweeped by him?


Well that's because he's not a character, he's a plot device.

Yes, but a plot device with a deeper personality than the main character of a show ongoing for more than 20 years.

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Dude, what if he showed up at the end of the World Coronation Series and stopped Ash from winning it?

And then in the next generation, Ash is back to being a regular nobody trainer collecting badges again. Losing his Champion title sets him back to square one, because I'm pretty sure that's how it works in the anime, the power scaling is directly tied to the characters' titles. Whoever is defined as "strong" will just be strong, and whoever is not defined as "strong" will have no chance of winning against them. But I digress, Ash becomes the protag again and Goh disappears, because the studio is absolutely terrified of change.

I like his poncho.

I hate this character, not because he exists or beat Ash but because he caused retards to be obsessed with him for 12 years when he's nothing.

It's simple. Tobias lost to Cynthia and ash is going to beat Cynthia proving he'd beat Tobias.

My dog have better pesonality than Ash
That doesnt mean Tobias is good

And that personality is...?

The Pokemon anime is bad. They don't have to do better because it's intended for a different generation of 3-10 year olds every decade.

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>every decade
More like every 3 years since that's when the new Gens come out these days.