Messy haired girls are the best!

Messy haired girls are the best!

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How messy?

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I wanna mess up her other hair, if you catch my drift.

How messy can we go?

I have a lot more fluff than I do mess, but we can make do.

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Messed is good too

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I still miss the girl on the bus with the bedhead from highschool. Fuck the world bros.

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Who's Akito?

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he literally had the best girl ever made served to him on a silver platter and he just shrugged her off and then started lusting over a retarded vampire

ko deserves nothing but suffering

It's called sex hair

I would have never dropped out of school.

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I will be monitoring this thread.

Depends on how many times you can make her cum.

Also amazing is girls with neat hair getting turned into sexhair. 2D only of course, not sure about IRL.

holy shit

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Best girls are cursed, user.

Very good post

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