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Kawaki lost's over

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There's already a thread, but whatever. Cutest couple. Best couple.

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I can't find it.
also no.

its there but given the time I'm not sure either thread will do well, what timezone are you in? I think most of the people who would be replying are asleep.

Every atrocity in the series can be traced back to the Senju clan and everyone adjacent to them.

>what timezone are you in?
Central Daylight Saving Time

>Senju clan
senJEW clan

how does she do it

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Can Kawaki win her back?

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You're up late, it is not quite so late for me. Lets hope enough people are still up late enough to keep either thread alive till more people wake up.

Kill yourself, narutard.

love yourself, narugod

it is over. Kawaki x Loneliness confirmed

>Ehou gets all this
it's not fair

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How do you lose something that wasn't yours to begin with? As soon as women hit the right age they all return to Raikage.

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he's here

do you like leggings?

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so how old is Kae supposed to be? She's apparently older than the other kids but not as old as Kawaki. 12? Maybe she is just short.

12 or 11 is my guess

do you like Tsunades tummy?

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bros...why is she so cute?

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Claro que si

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