Why do you love tsunderes?

Why do you love tsunderes?

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whomst'dt've is that? looks like Hestia

I don't. I'm not cuck.

B-but they're so mean! I d-don't like them at all! Hmmph!

because they have no friends

just do
simple as

Because I have no friends

I fundamentally relate to the struggle of not being able to properly express myself and I struggle with self destructive tendencies

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It's Noir from hyper dimension neptunia

Because it's no fun courting a woman who sucks your dick on the first date. Those types of relationships go nowhere. A lady must be courted properly, and she must be resistant! Her slowly softening and opening her heart to you makes the effort so much more rewarding when you finally lay her on your bed.

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They're extremely cute.

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Kana a cute

I can save(befriend) her


I don't, they'd be a mess to talk to irl, but some of them are very interesting under the thick tsun tsun surface

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i am a cultured individual.

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Absolutely based Tsundere enjoyer

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Noire is the most stereotypical tsundere but I still love her.

Why would a relationship with an impulsive person who cannot express their own feelings go somewhere? She's gonna cheat on you and then say that you should've seen the signs and that she doesn't owe it to you to talk about her feelings out loud because it makes her feel cringy and weird and stuff.

Peope are into tsunderes because tsunderes make basic validation seem like a huge achievement. They basically get you hooked on validation because it's perceived as hard to receive from them and therefore valuable. Deluded fools like this guy fancy themselves "chads" but in reality they're just validation addicts playing a woman's retarded emotional game.