What makes anime vampire girls so cute?

What makes anime vampire girls so cute?

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They regenerate their hymen
They look like children
They'll never get pregnant no matter how much cum your pour into them
They can take big cocks without getting harmed
They never menstruate
They never poop

They suck

fuck you carlos

They are immortal superhumans who yet have enough handicaps to not to make you feel they are too above average baseline, you know, vulnerability to sunlight and other factors and need for blood which means you have something they want by just being alive.

Also most of them are cat-like.

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I recently read through what was translated of this, but I can't find anything past what was licensed, other than some sloppy translations of the second half of the last chapter. Can anyone give me a breakdown of what happens? Do we find out what happened to Hazuki's mom? And I guess Kouhei loses his vampire immunity, but is he still together with Hazuki at the end?

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They are dorks in addition to being strong enough to crack a continent in half.

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>They'll never get pregnant no matter how much cum your pour into them
user, I think you're just shooting blanks.

The messiah has spoken

Sex with vampires.

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Eternal Daughter.

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They are adorable and precious

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Their big hooters and the big guns they carry of course.

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Perfect cute tits.

Better than the first girl. I forgot that chapter was supposed to be out.

It's the first issue released in the new bimonthly schedule.

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>They'll never get pregnant no matter how much cum your pour into them
You are just not trying hard enough.

Perfect. Vampires are meant for constant sex everyday.

>They'll never get pregnant no matter how much cum your pour into them
that's bad THOUGH

Also, big swords.

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They're usually light and petite so you can just carry them around.
You act as their source of nourishment so they encourage you to eat a balanced healthy diet so you can provide them with quality blood.
The reward is the intimate moment where you embrace each other and she gently bites your neck and sucks your blood.

If they don't poop where does the food go?

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Child body + Mature adult personality = best

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Blood is used to fuel the unholy magic keeping the vampire "alive", and produces no solid waste in the process. If they eat solid food they'll have to puke it out later.