Dragon Ball Super

I'm a fan of big tiddies.

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17, Gero, 16, Bejita, Cell, Teen Gohan, Adult Gohan, Kid Trunks, Future Trunks, Goten, Roshi, and Goku all fucked her.

Slumpbros, did we predate the Portuguese dub?

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based Goten(Xeno)

I... I can't hold it back anymore! I NEED HER!!

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....but enough about jiren

fuck you bejita get the fuck out of here

Xeno Goten's wife...

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Gohanscholars, thoughts on these bugs?

Goten is so lucky.

I'm getting sleepy, bros...

Robel is so beautiful...

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don't do it user...if you sleep you'll die...


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>Arale-chan, Akane-chan, Midori-san... They will all be wonderful brood mothers for my experiments!

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I wanna cum inside Robel and suck on her tits.

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>rebellious kid in his childhood
>serial killer in his teens
>amoral entomologist in his adulthood
How did he become such a fucked up person? Was it Chi-Chi's upbringing? Was it Goku's absence in his life for large portions of it? Was it something else?

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Putine? Too ditzy.
Chronoa? Too feisty.
Towa? Too assertive.
Aeos? Too condescending.

Robel is the perfect goddess.

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Why did the Gamma disintegrate?

Based Goten.

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He exploded his energy so much that it disintegrated his body. Its similar to what happened to majin vegeta, though it was prolonged until gamma 1 stopped giving him energy.

Gohan and Piccolo make me cringe

...' dad's rival.

She gets offended whenever you interrupt her exposition

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What's a octoroon Saiyan like?

All because Bulma wished for a firmer ass and longer eyelashes. Stupid slut. Shenron got upgraded and two-thirds of it went to waste.

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Reminder that he died because Gohan didn't catch the senzu.

She's so cute when she's mad.

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Here, take this user
You'll need it in 3 years...

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What are you bringing up ChiChi for?

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We don't know of gohan catching the senzu would amount to anything. Piccolo admits that gamma 2 exploded all of his remaining energy into one attack, which caused cell max to be weaken.

She usually is quite smug

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