Just here to remind everyone that a Meteor City- Kurta connection wouldn’t add any value besides random extra lore:

- There’s nothing the Kurta could have done that could justify the genocide, or make it seen in a different light. It’s literal genocide, with torture for topping. Is Kurapika supposed to go “ Wow my clan had a shady past, no wonder they got genocide and tortured, I’m not as angry anymore!” No, he’s not.

- If Meteor City has a part to play, it wouldn’t logically make sense to add it to Kurapika storyline. Kurapika is the only scarlet eye motherfuker alive. Meteor City literally has millions of people. If he finds out Meteor City played a part, Is he gonna pick a fight with an entire city? No. The council members? Maybe, but I doubt it, he’s not stupid enough to do all that. He’s one man.

- They wouldn’t add much to the phantom troupe that’s not already implied. It’s already implied and stated the Meteor City look out for each other in their own way. Phantom Troupe clearly care about their city. The phantom troupe taking orders or revenge for their city/residents isn’t some mind blowing revelation or something. So adding it to “expand” on the phantom route does nothing.

Fuck you PhantomTroupe, time for Hisoka to eat you

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Nobody fucking cares, it's never coming back.

Don’t doubt Togashi. When has he ever failed the readers?


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I’m 100% sure they leave it as some kind of tagline instead of it being a “we got our revenge bitch “ note

Yeah, it's a signature just like Spiderman's note.

There's already an irrefutable connection from because that's Meteor City's tagline. Togashi said there's a "B-Side" to the story. The link itself can't really be disputed, so all that remains are constructed answers that are then called underwhelming. "What will Kurapika do with this information? How does this justify the murder? How does this expand the Troupe?" are all questions made about presumed results. It's additional room for information on Meteor City and/or the Kurta, it's that simple.

But this being called a whole “B side” implies the info could be game changing. I just have a hard time seeing how . Obviously I can’t read Togashi’s mind, but based off what we know of the universe, unless some crazy shit is revealed in DC, I just don’t see it

Phantom Troupe will suffer
Hail the Kurta

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The most reasonable options for me are the Kurta having a DC link and/or Meteor City having potent tools from its original dictatorship. Kurta relevance would give Kurapika a more relevant goal on the DC, Meteor City relevance would amplify Gyro's threat level.

Gyro is going to conquer Meteor City and fuck over the Troupe.

Yes, it would add value and you gave the reason it would yourself.
Kurapika is consumed by his lust for revenge. Knowing that the trash city went full retard and genocided his entire people to avenge the wrongs of a few would help Kurapika accept the realization that vengeance has to stop somewhere. He can kill a handful of spiders, but there's no way he can wipe out an entire city. Combine that with Woble & Oito and bam, Kurapika suddenly has a motivation to come to peace with what happened to him and start living his life.
It also helps establish Kurapika and Chrollo as perfect narrative foils even further, as if the Hisoka situation wasn't also playing into that. Chrollo carried out a passionless vengeance on behalf of his people, and in turn becomes the target of Kurapika's fervent revenge. Chrollo is then wronged by Hisoka, loses his reason in passion and will inevitably pay the consequences, serving as the perfect object lesson for Kurapika to change his ways.
Having Meteor City be the ones who were wronged first is necessary to give Kurapika a reason to even consider Chrollo's asshole mass-murdering friends getting clowned with sympathy for a fraction of a second instead of laughing at the Spiders getting what they deserve.
Or maybe Kurapika will ignore good sense and wage war on Meteor City itself if Togashi's feeling extra subversive today.

Kurapika either needs to succeed with his revenge or die trying. Anything else would completely contradict his established character, regardless of the circumstances.

Dead series. Dead thread. Dead waifus. :(

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why this bitch so ugly

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She's cute. You are a idiot.

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Pitou had to die somehow. Better to use her for a fight than just have her uncerimoniously commit suicide once she finds out Meruem is dead.

I don't think she would kill herself if the king died. She would just be aimless then she would find a new purpose in life.

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Where does him forgoing his vengeance for the life's of Gon and Killua factor in there buddy

Nah man, the king was her everything. There would have to be a really good reason for her to stay alive. At most she would rampage and kill every person she comes across before getting subjugated.

Pika will most probably die trying to protect some powerless innocent character from something evil. That would be a appropriate end to his character because he will be able to redeem himself from the guilt of Pairo.