I want to become Chisato

I want to become Chisato

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you want a terminal illness?

You want to be a lesbian?

he wants to be upbeat with the ability to dodge bullets

yes i want to have yuri sex with takina

...and also a lesbian

I want to become anonymous.

If you would turn down an opportunity to have lesbian sex, you are objectively gay.

You want to have two gay dads?

i want you to become my wife

Chisato is lesbian incarnate.

You want artificial heart?

If you just want to dodge bullets why not be this guy instead? You can even fly and other shit.

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Wish granted. you will die within 2 months.

you will always be a Takina

Takina will suck your pussy 24/7.

Consider the Wachowskis' comments about transgenderism, becoming Chisato may be less gay than becoming Neo.

Sounds like heaven on earth.

I want to become Takina

I want to marry Chisato

Chisatoness is something you are born with.