Schoolgirl sex with kisara

Schoolgirl sex with kisara

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>schoolgirl sex
Is that a special kind of sex?


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I am a bit of a yurifag, but I think I prefer this over LycoReco.


If you like blueshit you're literally supporting groomers

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isn't sending your kids to school groningen as well?


>childhood friend loses again

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She is a demon, and rhe only girl who isn't a bitch.

How is that a bad thing?

Blue won

Ayano... we think Shu is half demon?


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>other 2 girls got explicit sex
>she remains cucked

I mean, it's not explicit, but sex at least seemed to be heavily implied in the first episode.

why do Nips even hate the idea of childhood friend winning the mc bowl?

It's weird she took a shower while her hair accessory seems to be kept in.

I prefer grooming over fucking non humans.

It's more Brabant, if you ask me.

Reminder that since his father fucked a demon, it is his destiny to fuck Kisara