Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu

New preview for chapter 102

>Tomorrow, August 30th (Tuesday) is the release date of the latest episode of "My Heart's Dangerous Guy"!

>Mechadal Event Sports Festival Edition! !
>The bitter memories of last year come to mind...
>Hara is cute!

Chapter drops tomorrow at 9PM EST.

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Preview from this morning

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Also, someone finally got that old one-shot with Chii and Hanzawa translated:

gonna dump it

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Chii is more retarded than I thought
I don't understand the end of this comic
maybe I am the retard

>they service cute children
Holy mother of MTL.

Will this mesugaki show up in the manga as well?

Chii panics when she realizes what Hanzawa is staring at is her unzipped fly and tries to distract them by making Hanzawa get bored and open her eyes all the way. But then she accidentally(?) unbuttons herself rather than zipping herself up. I think the punchline as pointed out in the last panel is a play on words between the Japanese terms for being half-naked and having your eyes half-open?

megane is a girl?

>the fat kids, the glasses girl, and the edgy loner all wind up in the same group

Extremely realistic depiction of middle school

This is serviceable, given this is JP > KOR > ENG, but I'm still going to hold out in vain for the original JP RAW and a scanlation from that.
I really do think this is going to be included in the eventual Volume 8, given that there needs to be fleshed out context for how Chii and Hanzawa know each other & a great majority of the fanbase will not know of this one-shot.

Yeah, it would be perfect for the volume 8 special edition booklet.

HaHA! Public adolescent boner.

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Everyone in the groups has boobs, except Icchi.

Why special edition? More people would get to see it if it's in the regular version of Volume 8. Less would get to see this one-shot if it were Special Edition-exclusive because I'm of the understanding that not everyone in Japan goes for the special edition versions of the BokuYaba books.

Norio's been running up on the page limits for the normal tankobons already, I don't think she'd want to give six pages of that to a reprint of a seven year-old one shot. Meanwhile, special edition booklets get reprints of Twitter extras and what-not all the time just to fill space, so it'd make perfect sense to put it there.