Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Himawari Ninja Academy Edition.

How are you enjoying the current arc? What powers would you like to see Hima-chan develop?

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Kill yourself, narutard.


she's developing quite nicely!

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posting Kawakitty near the top for the user who requested it.

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You fucking retard.

Himawari: Naruto Next Generations!

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Dream Himawari kit:
>Gentle first
>Uzumaki Sealing Chains (no proof she cant, Karin can teach her)
>Flying Raijin like Minato

Maybe she can become Shukaku's jinchuriki. I think this is pretty good though not as OP as her brother.

hey you only have yourselves to blame for not making a better thread first.

>Shukaku's jinchuriki
Not happening. But everything else is kino. Add in the Twin Lion fists!

Neji and Choji die against the sound 4
Tsunade, Hiashi, Inoshikacho parents, Tsume, Shiba and Guy all die in the war
Naruto and Sasuke die in their VoTE 2 fight, Nardo somehow impregnated Hinata before that (Phantom blood ending kino)
Sakura becomes hokage and remains a cake like her teachers.

If anyone was going to become Shukaku's jinchuriki it should be Shinki, but he isn't relevant anyway unfortunately.

And yes I think the Twin Lion Fists would be good for her to learn. Really she should be learning all the Hyuga Clan techniques. They are unfortunately almost all close range techniques but with Flying Raijin and the chains I think she could make up for that.

What's wrong with them, really?

Mods delete threads with "edition"


>What powers would you like to see Hima-chan develop?
Uzumaki chains or top fuinjutsu.

oh no, well good bye anons

I think SP should just forget about bort and just do arcs around Kawaki and Himawari. They make for way better MCs

>What powers would you like to see Hima-chan develop?
Twin lion fists but it's pink and has dragons
so, Twin Dragon Fists

make a new thread then but it must have Himawari, no alternatives accepted.

Make the next Himawari based, anyways


can we wait for this one to get killed first? I'd like to see this OP image get reused. She looks adorable.

we'll wait but i'll use another hima pic

This, thank you.

I nominate this image

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i will use this

absolutely cursed please dont

it's too late

Cutest couple. Best couple.

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