Completely flawless

Completely flawless

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Flawed, too much screentime for ugly people

I agree

The manga fleshes out the story so much better and the movie is so different from it. Not a bad movie at all but it hurts to know what they changed and left out considering the author and director are the same person.

Honestly that makes me like it more. Too many anime series try to directly adapt the source material and change too little. This leads to tacky anime tropes like vocalizing character thoughts rather than showing what their thoughts and motivations are through their actions. There is a lot of things like this that work well in print but look like lazy animation on screen.

That's fair. Just thought it would be cool to have gotten scenes like Tetsuo taking over a battleship and firing nukes. It's not like they went lazy and soft on the animation so what they did show was beautiful and left me wanting more.

it seems the final episode of a series

I didn't like any of the characters. Some may say that you aren't supposed to but I think thats bullshit.

>I didn't like any of the characters.
R-rated live action is like that, but G/PG-13/PG-rated stuff isn't. You're not intended to treat R-rated characters like heroes since they have grey morality.

yes, now tell everyone to stop ripping off the damn bike scene

You'll become ugly one day too

I think Akira is a cool guy, he rides his red bike and is all badass and stuff.

i never believed tetsuo and kaneda were friends so i didn't see why i should care about them fighting

Sounds like a you problem

The screenplay/history is a fucking mess

Favorite scene is when Kaneda earnestly tries to execute Tetsuo with a rock. Protagonists don't have that kind of resolve anymore, to personally murder their childhood friend like a barbarian.

are you 12

1/10 glad I pirated it

>not even good bait
It deserves more than that for the background art, at the very least.

It feels like something should have exceeded it by now as an anime movie, but nothing has. Nothing has even come close

I guess the passage of time brings no guarantees, it's not like another seven samurai or apocalypse now or godfather or shawshank redemption comes out all the time.

Man i just watched Millenial Witch Era and i gotta say it was a fucking good movie.

But to this day i simply cannot sit through all of akira with that fucking soundtrack blasting the whole damn time. I fucking NEED a break to digest it.

did you know there's a new version that's released with basically the highest quality sound print ever transferred for consumer movie audio before


Idk user ghost in the shell is pretty good. Also have you seen porco rosso? Fucking pass out watching that with a fever and tell me you dont wake up a better man

Thats really swell and im glad akira exists and that i saw it and someone got high on that mise en scene and made super metroid and stuff but I do not want to watch akira even once a year. Maybe once every 5.

Is the manga worth reading? What would I be in for?

Its almost too good. You could seriously buy high quality full size volumes and read it while doing cocaine.

>read it while doing cocaine
>have to be under the influence to enjoy it
guess its bad lmao

Youve clearly never had good cocaine

>even once a year

weird phrasing to me, i watch my favorite movies like once every 5 years.

How does the quality compare to the movie? Does it make up for the lack of 90's kino animation?

I have literally never seen a manga produced to a higher standard of quality than akira