What do file size do you guys think is a good sweet spot between quality and storage space for a typical ~25 episode/30...

What do file size do you guys think is a good sweet spot between quality and storage space for a typical ~25 episode/30 min. season of anime? Around 10GB seems pretty good and easy to find for me. I'm curious to hear what the generally accepted point of diminishing returns are though.

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about 2 gigs per 24min/1080p episode, higher if grainy

15-25gb for a 12ep Bluray if you really care about lossless audio.

Wait we're not on Any Forums

more than 700mb per episode i don't download

I'm not a subhuman, I don't need to compress my files

I transcode anything I'm storing long-term into x265 720p with crf 23 which lands at ~200mb per episode depending on individual factors and audio stream size.

50GB per season sounds kinda huge desu.

You're free to your opinion but don't expect me to not shit on your screenshots

I don't care so long as it's using AV-1. x266 jews can suck my dick
>b-but my poorfag laptop can't decode AV-1!!
not my problem

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I don't care too much. Storage space is cheap and my server has 40TB of available space.

Depends, for the most part I encode smaller sizes to save space for transferring files or giving friends stuff to watch, usually under 2gb sometimes 1.5gb
But for raw ripping then the sizes don't matter since I just archive it and forget it.

300 mb for episode

Much more than that is for tryhards

Around 70MB for seasonal shit.
If it is a show that I like, I'll download its bloated BD rip.

Useless question. It depends on the anime. A SOL series with flat bright colours and a 720p native resolution could require 10% of the average bitrate of a flashy dark action series with lots of dynamic grain for both encodes to be transparent.
Use your eyes, not some universal arbitrary filesize guideline.

I just add 1080p in the search bar and download it

>usually under 2gb sometimes 1.5gb

Per episode or season?

what's the point of downloading and storing anime nowadays

How many seeds are there currently for this show?

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Super Robot Wars?

The sequel.

I don't save anime. I don't rewatch. I finished a season, I shift deleted.

I just move on with something new.

Nothing. I just like collecting stuff.

storage is cheap, any quality loss for storage size is unacceptable

To make webms and screenshots from, possibly to rewatch at a later time.

About 200-250mb per episode has worked fine for the last 10 years, so about 6gb per season.