Is she correct Any Forums?

Is she correct Any Forums?

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nude is shit

Yeah except for pasties. They just make girls look like they have colorful nips.

Not really. I have a lot of clothing fetishes, but "imagination" is such a pseudo-intellectual excuse. Fully naked is just as good as long as it's portrayed in an appealing way.

Wish the author continued this story.

Eh, I love full nudity. Alluring clothes and nice and all but does not make me as diamonds as seeing a woman in her birthday suit.

Just post partially naked anime girls

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Yeah it was really nice.


Sorta, there's a lot of appeal in the tease but at the same time overly slutty could just seem tacky and being outright nude would atleast be tasteful and pure rather than tryhard.

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Naked apron or bottomless is always great, though.

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Nudity is strength. Nudity is might. Nudity is power!

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No. Nude only gets boring if that's all you have. Suggestive is great too and variety is the spice of life.

Snek is right.

Nudist girls like Holo manage to be especially hot, for some reason. It depends a lot on execution

Pretty much. It's why the ecchi genre exists.

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midwit take. you say that a girl in a bikini is sexier than a fully naked on, but what about a fully naked girl holding her bikini in her hand with an embarrassed look on her face? what about a fully naked girl holding her bikini in her hand with an unembarrassed look on her face? saying that covered is better because you can use your imagination just shows that the person saying it has no imagination himself.

I can't find the correct image, so this will do

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brown nipples are better though

this cracka know what's up

Get naked

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this is factually true, yes
that's why costumes/ lingerie/ accessories exist