I hate Simon, I hate Shinji, I hate Araragi

I hate Simon, I hate Shinji, I hate Araragi.
Cancerous narcissistic fucking cunts. Oh wow, you're such a "sigma male" emotional vampire prick aren't you? There's a role-model, huh?
Pieces of shit.

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these 3 characters are all pretty different imo
i dont get what you mean

>sigma male
go back

I know, but it's about what they represent and what they've contributed to.

Okabe is the best sigma male MC. All the ones you listed are bad jokes and worthless people in general.

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fuck sigma go alpha! like Kazuma but that means you die halfway

>it's about what they represent and what they've contributed to.
So are you going to actually explain yourself? Because you're going in 3 different directions.

18+ site sir

15 years later, just seeing this pic made me whistle all of Sorairo Days. Thank you, OP.

What exactly is so bad about what Simon represents? Seems a positive icon to me.

You are wrong

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>yeah you'll win, but you're going to have to work for it
The sigma code.

Okabe 's only defining trait is bad jokes & being comic relief except.....he's the protagonist. Talk about soulless.

>I hate all men
That’s nice dear

>I hate men who push themselves and others through adversity to reach a better future
>I hate boys who can't handle the responsibilities thrust on them by society, and so reject it
I don't know exactly what Araragi represents aside from a child molesting, demon exorcising, vampiric siscon, but that doesn't sound like the other two at all.
Do you care to elaborate?

Simon doesn't deserve this hate.
Poor guy had his best friend and wife taken from him nearly right in front of his eyes.

You will never be a real man

His best friend and wife and the poisonous whore that rejected him are mere fuel burned away for his own personal growth.

He's a Any Forums poster making yet another thinly veiled thread to shriek about liberals as a way to lure in more easily angered lunatics that are too stupid to realize this is a deliberate tactic right wing organizations have been using on this site for damn near a decade. He is more specifically talking about basedboys in this case.

>Trauma makes you grow as a person
Yes and?

i still have no fucking clue what you or him are talking about