Shounen no abyss

50 chapters in a this has to be the most funny edgeshit I have read in years, especially with how it's taking itself so seriously. I feel like I am watching one of those melodramatic tv series that my mother likes kek. This manga is Seo/Sasuga pretending to be Asano Inio/Oshimi Shuuzo. Sensei is my favourite that bitch is so crazy. I must say though Reiji's mom is the worst. Chako will probably be the token childhood friend who loses, Nagi will probably win.

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The art is good though. That and the crazy characters is what keeps this shit entertaining. If that was done intentionally and the mangaka wanted to create an edgy gag manga then I truly applaud to him/her.

Let's all love sensei

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I always say she's my favorite character because whenever she is in play shit hits the fannn

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Don't hurt sensei!

Honestly just let it sweep you away in the melodrama, I burned through the whole thing in like 3 days, it gets harder to stay hype when you're waiting chapter to chapter but still a great ride.

I probably should have picked it up when it was ending. The pacing is good though.

I would knock sensei up.


As many times as she wants.

More sensei required.


never stick your dick n crazy

Sticking it in sensei

>I feel like I am watching one of those melodramatic tv series that my mother likes kek
That's the point, slowpoke.
There's even a TV drama adaptation coming out.

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i read it all in a day and a half and got depressed

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We couldn't save her smile...

Same but I got anti-depressed. Super depressing shit like this has the opposite effect on me. Probably because it makes me feel like I'm being melodramatic with my own problems.

She doesn't look crazy.