One Piece

Kaido makes Enel and Crocodile feel so 2D and forgettable in comparison.

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"I, SLURPji-sama, OKAMA of the Grand Line humbly kneel to:

Luffy-sama, the pirate king and my master.

Zoro-sama, my one and only true love and other master.

Jimbei-sama, who I shall never become stronger than.

Ichiji-sama, who my daddy warned me about.

Nami-sama, who achieved conqueror’s haki before I did

King-sama, who easily manhandled me in my raid suit.

Vergo-sama, who anally raped me and first awakened my wish to become an analslut sissy.

Kalifa-sama, who beat the shit out of me so hard I started being attracted to femdom almost as much as I am attracted to men.

Katakuri-sama, whose incomparabily forceful punches crushed my ass-womb entirely to the point I cannot bear Zoro-sama's children anymore like I wished to.

Doflamingo-sama, whose hour-long beatings gave me uncontrollable orgasms so massive even the anal rape from Zoro-sama can't compare.

Judge-sama, for everything I have done is because of him.

Linlin-sama, whose power I am scared of. "

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>the upcoming arc features both the Cross Guild and the revolutionaries
>at the very least we will get both Crocodile's and Dragon's backstories as we head to the final war
just saying there's time to jump on the crocomom train

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Disagree. Crocodile has been a personal fave for years and is far more memorable than Luffy.

Kaido's wins have very little impact compared to Croc's. The hook gore scene leaves a strong impression until this day, unlike Luffy falling off the island.

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I can barely remember why he was even fighting for the throne himself.

Post Cute and Canon

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I, the Captain of the Milkman Pirates, am here to deliver milk.

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for me, it's sumo femboy

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Jinbe having absolutely no personality was really honed home in 1058.

not going to lie, first time i saw him i thought he was a girl

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I only learned he was a guy recently from a Youtube comment

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Crocomom is fucking retarded. There has been literally no hint nor interaction between Luffy and Croc to suggest it's going to happen. Some exchange between him and Ivankov suggest he may have been a chick, but it's too far of a stretch to say she is Luffy's mom. Time to toss this theory

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>hes a drunk strong guy
Remember when people were convinced he was looking for death? Remember when his backstory was gonna reveal so much about the rocks pirates?
Even better, disregarding all of that, kaido wasnt even evil enough to deny his sons pronouns and actively had his whole crew accept them as well. Kaido was a big wet fart despite extreme potential.

What, is it not just a shitpost?

imagine being lucky enough to bang prime big meme

Is he cumming sand in that gif?

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>no hint nor interaction between Luffy and Croc to suggest it's going to happen.
why did Crocodile spend all of Marineford protecting Luffy after hearing Dragon was Luffy's father.

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The worst thing about Kaido is that he makes Big Mom look smart and successful by comparison

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WHAT did Oda mean by this

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Carrot won't show up until the final arc
Screencap this

I actually believe in the theory that Kaido was on his way to help Whitebeard fight the World Government and Shanks lied. Why would Kaido try to get in the way of a giant war from happening when that's exactly what he wants?

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Based fearless-as-fuck Pachy spitting in the face of mere Yonkos
If Ulti had the Soul Pocus used on her, she would be so unafraid that she'd gain some of Big Mom's lifespan instead

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In 100 chapters we'll find out that Kaido had a disease that made him weaker

When is Carrot going to put on the nurse outfit?

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Big mom was nerfed for the law/kidd fight. Never forget this.

Chopper being unfaithful

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Oda writes battles based on plot, not powerlevel.

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i can't believe i fapped to this once

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Get fucked tranny