Wtf i hate anime now

Wtf i hate anime now

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Oh boy, another reason to dislike this utter faggot.

Why? For speaking facts?

You lost me here, I would've taken this guy seriously if he didn't bring up woman, using women to validate yourself is the most cucked thing a man can do.

Based as fuck if you unironically watch anime you are a cringe animeshitter
t. HxH manga only chad



>obvious bait
>twitter thread
thread hidden.

>Plus ANY woman loses respects for you.

Holy cringe

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literally had to apologize next day lmao

>Plus ANY woman loses respect for you
I mean I already don't have any respect for women, so it evens out

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>arguing with holes
>as a man

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How does Any Forums do it? Even with all it's flaws it still manages to maintain a level of quality far above the other media boards.

Weird, that's how I feel about people who worship celebrities.

>Plus ANY woman loses respect for you
Can't lose what you never had

Any Forums and Any Forums has the best quality of discussion

Lowest ratio of Any Forumsboomer migrators. Also no cucked repeating digits filter.

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Oh you poor, dumb child...

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Faggots like you responding to his obvious bait is how he got popular

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The fuck are you even doing here??

>caring what women think
I thought this guy was supposed to be some alpha hypermasculinity chad or something?
>twitter thread on Any Forums
Kill yourself, thanks.

Kill yourself

I'd like to see this wannabe tough guy face a Kamehameha wave head on!

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The ultimate gay is letting another man dictate how you live. Even simps and orbiters do what they do due to misguided hopes of obtaining pussy.

Can't wait for this bald faggot to get a rape accusation, I'm tired of hearing about him

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Imagine being a man and judging your worth on the whims of not just other people, but women.

Can you fucking fathom how depressing a life that must be.

Kill nazis
Filter slurs


This guy was cancelled lmao

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Why are Americans so xenophobic to Japanese media?


Check these digits

It‘s trash for children, pedophiles and bug“people“

You have to go back

based andrew tate working everybody to a shoot

>women will hate you for liking anime
>girls will want to watch with you
Cunnychads win again.

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the autistic dedicated moderation on this board helps. off topic threads on Any Forums will sit for hours

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So what, is this guy just testing how far he can go with flamebaiting for attention? I suppose it's working for his popularity.

Pruning is only the most bare minimum of moderation and they can't even do that consistently. Meanwhile in-thread shitposting is pretty much unmoderated.

I hate the screencap generation

I asked my current boyfriend out because he watched anime, but I'm a low value female, so ya know.

Capped this L post

Average Top G w moment bro fr fr no cap

how many zoomer faggots are there to fall for such an obvious bait

Why did she piss herself?

not going to raid him for you

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>seeking respect or validation from 3dpd and normalfaggots

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wouldn't have expected an argument of high caliber from someone that can't even find his ass or mouth with both hands

If that were the case this garbage thread would not be getting any replies.

nice screenshot thread

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>using women to validate yourself is the most faggot thing a man can do.
Fixed. Real men don't deal with women. Real men fuck men.

is there something wrong with me if i instantly figured she was gonna piss herself?

what a lolcow

>people still fall for his bait

Why do you have all this saved?