Would you appreciate having Mashu as your servant?

Would you appreciate having Mashu as your servant?

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To the lion's den with you

Why would I need her when I have them?

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Yes. She's pure as snow, never having touched another male in her life. Completely devoted to you. It's rare to find a girl like that, I would worship the ground she walks on to make sure she can never escape.

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I will teach her about motherhood by impregnating her

Massh is for Lion cock

She literally had a man inside of her 24/7 her entire life

He's an older brother figure, making sure she stays chaste and pure.

Sure. I like sluts.

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Mash is for NTR. I want to be her boyfriend.

mashed botatoes

I would skin her alive

let's see (for a grail war)

very unlikely to betray you
will follow any battle order
you gain a bit of poison resistance
high def
good hand to hand command
can null most beam attacks
has no legend so no complete counters
good magic resistance

she has a real body, like saber, so she can't disappear and would cost a lot mana and food to maintain
has 0 independent action and most likely unable to act without orders if the situation requires it
no attacks other than hand to hand and smashing people with her shield
only 1 NP, and only works in defense mode

Honestly no, while she is a good servant for a group to have, if you want any chance of winning you need at last some broken attack

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B-But imagine

>neutral damage to all
I'll appreciate it more if she were a berserker

Yeah, but she's not my preference.


Throw Mashu into the trashu

No. Worthless tank, garbage gear, boring personality.

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Lion slut

/fgog/'s translations have always been false. When Albert translates it the truth will be revealed that she was actually the maid or something.