My Hero Academia has no stak-

My Hero Academia has no stak-

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stakk dishes


everyone is so concentrated on Edgeshot which they don't even realize Horikoshi turned AFO into Putin, with countries running to try to appease to him.

who's gonna tell him?




the author has no balls

Omg my hero finally did it my hero finally got stakes im so proud of you my hero's first stakes

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Let nature run its course, user

Surely he won't come back that's impossible

is that condom pack? lmao


Mirko died, for THIS?

looks like an all might trading card

>Literally going to be revived
Yeah it has no stakes.

>gets revived three chapters later.

At the cost of Edgeshot. STAKES!


Place your bets, how OP is Bakek’s new heart going to make him?

To be honest I have no fucking idea,
most eku is going to come back and go into rage mode and probably one punch shigaraki or some shit, then bakugo will probably save him from a near adeath and they use the power of friendship to end the manga right there and then
Reason i say this is because it's just so weird to revive bakugo when deku is on his way, will shigaraki get possessed by AFO and leave it up to a third battle?

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