I love drinking from semen-filled cups

>I love drinking from semen-filled cups

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you think girls just walk around not cleaning their cunts? you drink from "used" glasses at restaurants all the time. do you demand your grandma buy new glasses everytime you visit her? lest you drink from the same cup as someone else.

lmaooo what I've never seen a stupider page of dialogue
what the fuck does that even mean both cups are unique? You didn't answer the fucking question

all you'd have to say is "that's fucking stupid because girls aren't cups", instead he indulged the dumb analogy with the dumbest possible non-answer you could give

The phrase that broke Any Forums

Just clean the cup

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I would love to see how animeonlies react to this.

All he had to say was “Dude, who cares?” That’s it. This just sounds autistic.

Well, it is Seto.

What was with this sudden shift?

Rent a Girlfriend is popular. Zoomers are fucked in the head

Don't worry as long as your older you can cuck a zoomer and he will like it.
Go out to the real world basement chad and use your ugly bastard power to cuck the new generation.

No thanks.

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Honest to god, I'd much rather be with a high body count girl than a total sociopath pseudo-prostitute. Rent a GF's author is fucking deranged

You can't really wash the inside of the vagina

Get your facts straight buckaroo

I wish I could understand what circumstances happened to coalesce into you being so literally fucking retarded that you'd make that statement.
You're probably an american that went to a public school.
Or maybe your parents loved you so much that they gave you an extra chromosome.
Maybe both.

Please learn basic human biology before armchairing out random opinions as fact.

Did I say something wrong? If yes point to the mistake.

It's literally just a hole, what makes you think it can't be washed

I mean yeah one of them has semen

It's not impossible, but it shouldn't be done.

he found out his manga was getting axed


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we know you do OP, we know you do

You shouldn't be using soap to wash the vagina, at best just water


messes up the ph balance which can cause infections

Google it homie. Can you use google?

Washing with soap can cause infection? You made 5 posts to make that reveal? Did you learn this in a dream?

Can you finish high school?

Google it bro. It's easy. Even you can do it.