Blue Box

>went from a very active thread with hundreds of posts a few weeks ago, to having a thread not even last six hours this week
What went wrong?

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Forced love triangle and fell into all the tropes. Was expecting it to be more like the one shot. Shit got annoying real fast

How come after that chapter with the big thread, interest went back down again instead of people sticking around?

Forced love triangle bullshit. Plus Any Forums likes the designated loser more so obviously the interest would die out.

Honestly, Akane is stealing all of the attention i had for this manga.

>Plus Any Forums likes the designated loser more
Why? I don't even think she was in the one-shot.

It’s the worst of shoujo tropes packed in with terrible drawn out pacing.
There was stuff and conflicts that were fast forwarded through that shouldn’t have been.
There were things drawn out boringly long that didn’t need it.
Instead of boring angsty melodrama, getting to the meat of conflict and drama would have made it interesting. Not all this

How is Akane an improvement?

better pacing and paneling for me,

Blue box is still good. just not as engaging for me for some reason.

How do we make Blue Box popular again here? If Akane can have active and lively threads every week, why not Blue Box?

cute, more direct, petite, everyone knows she's going to lose so some feel some sympathy, main girl is kinda boring

Because Any Forums shitters only flock to a romcom when there's shitposting material.

Or when it doesn't fall into the same cycle as all the rest.
There's a reason that Ojiro Makoto's romcoms are popular on here. Because she doesn't fuck around with love triangles and wastes of time misunderstanding plots.

The author trying his best to make it look like he can write a love triangle but it's failing badly because of how forced the feeling is in regards to that character.

When I say forced, it's because of how there are too many coincidences happening just to make something happen between Hina and the MC. Even the readers that normally can't get those types of things easily feel it. That's how forced Hina is into this love triangle. When even casual readers feel that, you know your story planning is doomed.

Because Chinatsu is walled off she never says anything of substance which could only work if we occasionally got her internal monologue but we don't so she just comes off dull.

The main girl feels like she has down syndrome with how air headed and adverse to do anything she is. It was annoying.

Akane has a killer body, while blue box killed all of its sex appeal to appeal the the shoujo audience. On top of it we know that the BB author can draw some top tier sexy heroines but probably the editor vetoed it

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Have chinatsu go for revenge on someone and train a lot

Feels like because nothing decently significant happened. Chinatsu still stone walled afk to the romance stuff aside from saying I have someone I like. That's it more than 50 chapters of nothing happening from chinatsu's side. Hell I'm more invested in taiki going from bench warmer to scrimming against college level players

Have Hina get hit by a truck

Shouldn't even have added Hina to the love triangle, based on the she not being relevant in the one shot