Marnie has no British accent

>Marnie has no British accent
Reason why English dubs are atrocious #1,830,726

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Who's her English dub VA?

Gloria didn't have a Scotish accent either.

"Oit, wanka! You want a cheaky pokemon fight, cunt!"

She looks like she gives cheap back alley blowjobs

does she looks like your mom?


It's an anti-dub thread, you know.
Why didn't they use her PokemonSEXmaster va?

Remember when they gave her a genki Yukarin voice? Good times.

>niche jrpg series xenoblade can afford jenna coleman
>most popular multimedia anything gets fuck all

but why though?

seriously though how hard would it have been to raid Nintendo of Europe for a SwSh dubbing team.

she should have had a slag voice.

wasn't that before jenna was particularly well-known by anyone

Back to your containment, please

still must of cost a fortune to bring her back for 3 and future connected.

I can think of a few ways.

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I love my wives.

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Give me your hat.

She's not wearing a hat though.

>this dialogue
They do this on purpose, don't they? They know what we're going to think when Marnie says this.

Imagine a marnie blowjob, id cum in her throat