What is the worst asspull in Steins Gate? Does it have any asspulls at all?

What is the worst asspull in Steins Gate? Does it have any asspulls at all?

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shut the fuck up

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>worst asspull
eat more vegetables to have a girl

O MY PLASTIC SURGERY is the worst one in 0 (VN) but Steins;Gate has no asspulls. The only thing that bugs me is how the fuck is it possible to convert 3.4 Terabytes of data into 36 bytes.

timetraveling to force the girls to promise themselves as wifes when kids and go back to future to take their words so they have nothing more than accept to get married and impregnated.

Forcing retard girl to die no matter what, at the exact same time every timeline because muh attractor fields.
Steins Gate is not a smartly written story.

Sexy flat krisu

It's magic black hole compression

>autism about the sci-fi superficial elements
You've entirely missed the point, Steins;Gate is about fate, not about science.

Makima thread?

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This is now a Kurisu thread.

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Is there a more obvious sign of a low IQ poster?

I doubt it

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Agreed, Steinstards are extremely stupid.

What an ironic post

It's shoddy writing but not really an asspull

>it was me, i was the Stein Gate all along!!!
The shittiest ass pull of all time

Kurisu existing

I want to pull Kurisu's shorts off her ass

hmmmm maybe time travel?

The whole ending is an asspull deus ex machina
0 fixes that though

it's a common time travel trope, kys

She got asspulled from Denji's ass at some point