One Piece

Carrotbros why did Oda treat her like this????

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Because her fans deserve it for spamming non-stop across the whole internet and also ruining the popularity poll with their blatant botting. Oda hates her, and hates you too.

like what?

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No... Delete this...

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Post Cute and Canon

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Feels good being a tamachad.

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Uta will save the manga too

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Do you guys know whether we get color spread next chapter? I hope not.

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1059 is releasing in the middle of the moon viewing festival in Japan.
Trust the plan CARROT CHADS.

Hakiman will shit on midhawk

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Why does everything related to Blackbeard come in threes?

Carrot will join Cross Guild.

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Why did Roger left Ace with Garp instead of Whitebeard?

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He said cute and canon, not fanspiction.

Carrot should be the 10th SH

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that trash doesn't belong in the crew

Shanks? Mihawk's husband.

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All shippers are mentally ill. Yes, all of them. No exceptions.

Which One Piece girl would be the most ticklish

Vivifags, humor us doubters. If Vivi is finally joining, how would you make Vivi stronger? Remember she has to be strong enough to potentially go toe to toe with a Blackbeard pirate.

What fruit could she eat to powerlevel her to New World tier?


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Did all the Ula volumes come out? If she appears in canon will her power still be possessed by a demon? Because her power is broken and putting people in an illusion is stupid.

She is probably dead

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Vegapunk turned himself into a snail. He is Snailpunk now.

no art is better than poor art

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Cutest and canonest!

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