Weekend Waifu Drawthread

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Requesting Yuria Sekiguchi in any of the following

- dressed in Marin's bikini from Bisque Doll. Optionally, doing a similar pose to her. (pbs.twimg.com/media/FPdQwTfXoAErLyb?format=jpg&name=4096x4096)

- waifu wearing a backless dress with a nice view of her bare back (danbooru.donmai.us/posts/5592182)

- fancily getting a pedicure and manicure. Maybe with my SI as the one doing her nails.(i.imgur.com/znpW2K3.jpg)

- slightly aged up, wearing this mid-open dress (pbs.twimg.com/media/FXQu5LFXgAAzZpm?format=jpg&name=large)

- laying in an inflatable pool in the backyard, trying to cool off

Anything cute or cutelewd is also fine and appreciated! You can draw her genderbent if you want too!
SI Ref: (imgur.com/a/kRxNlni)

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Requesting my darling Miia sitting at a desk, writing down ideas for her own personal website to give to me to make for her. She'd probably want to make it a blog site to talk and post about stuff like new in-fashion clothes and J-Pop bands like ANM48.

Or wearing this two-piece tanktop and shortskirt (files.catbox.moe/k1069a.jpg)

Anything else you can think of that would be cute or cool, maybe even a bit lewd is fine. Thanks again.

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Requesting Natsume in one of the following:

- accidental disrobing while waking up i.imgur.com/CbZZvTu.jpg
- spinning in a swivel chair like Sora i.imgur.com/tUw9KLR.gifv
- painting her toenails i.imgur.com/OKXg4mP.jpg
- floating down from the night sky similar to this i.imgur.com/JyOqcZU.jpg
- hiding a suggestive smile or smirk behind a folding fan i.imgur.com/Q0kYBhS.png
- cutelewd and looking annoyed with my bitemarks on her neck, thighs, shoulder, and/or back imgur.com/a/bEQ1pTZ

Anything else is cool as well.

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Draw Sawyer as how you would imagine her as a touhou character (shrine maiden, fairy, oni, whatever). Feel free to use your imagination, for something cute that is.
Or perhaps as some sort of kunoichi.

Have a good week, I hope you enjoyed the last days of summer.

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Good afternoon, Any Forums! Requesting any of the following:

- Something Peglin-themed! Waifu experiencing one of the game's events, throwing/activating an orb, adding a cool orb/relic to her satchel, dragging her satchel with too many stones in it, etc. Preferably using the adventurer outfit from a previous delivery: imgur.com/a/6u7YPE1
- Pic from my POV of taking my waifu's hand for a dance, preferably with her wearing one of these dresses: imgur.com/a/ac5Qf35
- Hina and I falling/flying through the sky while smiling and holding hands like you'd see in a music video
- Adult waifu as a schoolteacher teaching a class, or grading papers with a drink while listening to music.
- Waifu surfing on a big wave! I don't have anything of her in a competition swimsuit, so that would be cool, any colour or design you think suits her not limited to these: imgur.com/a/o5H5Qqg (A bikini is perfectly fine, too!)
- Nopan qipao hips
- Waifu on her morning jog! With a cool sports bra and shorts.
- Hina wearing any of these swimsuit designs or in such poses would be great. Feel free to go cute, cool, or lewd: imgur.com/a/OXG1FkL
- For something lewd, waifu through a glass shower door. Steam or suds optional.

I'm always open to other cute, cool, or lewd ideas as well. And an older, adult Hina is always welcome for my requests, too. Here's my SI reference in case it's needed for anything: imgur.com/a/1uJ9E

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requesting okita-san in her mario kart training arc, in an attempt to beat me
anything cute is always appreciated as well, as long as she's happy and smiling
thank you

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Requesting Hibiki about to lose in Uno.

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I would like to request my lovely and very sensitive wife, Kanmi Toshiko (better known as Binkan-chan) cooking with a fry pan while only wears an oversized shirt and her hair is messy.
As alternative, pov lap pillow or she offering me using her lap to rest would be great too.
As other alternative, requesting her in a path surrounded by fireflies.
Or she wearing a similar outfit to any of the following would be awesome: imgur.com/a/AZ3WIsC

Thanks in advance! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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Requesting Etna playing pranks on some Prinnies, or my SI
Being sleepy or drowsy

Alternatively, requesting Etna brushing her hair or washing her face in the morning, trying out new hairstyles, or just simply with her hair down

Or anything involving outfits like these: imgur.com/a/nZSGkwX
Anything cute with Etna and/or involving my SI would also be much appreciated: imgur.com/a/7ZDn3

Please keep it SFW

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I would like to request Mai Natsume eating a popsicle: danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1709306

Another suggestion is Mai filling a glass with breast milk: i.imgur.com/fqpfg1c.jpg

Or perhaps Mai balancing a smartphone on her chest: danbooru.donmai.us/posts/4561502

Other ideas would also be appreciated. Full reference sheet: i.imgur.com/Vtw81Lf.jpg

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Requesting Kagura, please!

As always, anything you feel like drawing, even somewhat lewd, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Requesting Natsuki with something similar to the reference.

If that's not too interesting, here's a few other other things I'd like to see: imgur.com/a/AZBybeZ

Or just anything cute, cutelewd or summer related would be nice.

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Requesting Momo Ayase in a lewd outfit

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Okay so the schedule will be
>Fuuto Tantei
>Queens Blade
>Isekai Ojisan
Gonna play some Mahjong while we wait for people to join.

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Requesting my adorable wife, Tomori Nao!

- Tanned wife
- Wearing denim shorts with a crop top
- Lifting up her shirt showing me her tummy like this twitter.com/gin_moku/status/1552951913607360512
- Like this twitter.com/ojitan_55/status/1533054483114377217/
- wife butt in jeans with a pony tail
- With a open shirt
- With her hair in a ponytail with a pink t-shirt and shorts sweating and trying to cool herself down

Anything else cute, sexy or cute lewd (but not too lewd) and/or involving my SI is fine too!

SI ref is imgur.com/a/kgOcapz
Additional ref: imgur.com/a/rvdLpbo
(Official) Outfit refs: imgur.com/a/ngVV4sP

Thank you and have a very nice weekend!

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Requesting my amazing wife Izayoi Sakuya

- Nursing me back to health. Maybe with some warm food or wiping off my sweat.
- Hugging my head to her chest as we hug. Maybe stroking my hair as well.

Casual outfits or fashionable stuff would be nice.
Self-insert stuff and extras: catbox.moe/c/ur1xcj
Simple silver wedding bands are always nice. I like seeing her in more casual outfits as well. Dog ears and dog tail are great too.

Stay safe and take it easy. Thanks if you consider drawing her or us together. I always appreciate it. Have a great week ahead of you.

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Hello everyone.

I'd like to request my beloved Akari Mizunashi (from the ARIA series) wearing a bikini at the beach, please.
If you want a background, would a photo like this be helpful? files.catbox.moe/r509rp.jpg

Please and thank you if you pick this up!

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Requesting anything of my beloved wife Kyouko Sakura. Also a few requests relating to our adoptive daughter, Yuma Chitose, as well
Self Insert reference (Done in Koikatsu since I can’t draw for shit):
i.imgur.com/ce5Izpp.png (embed)
Yuma reference: i.imgur.com/gqEH5Sd.png (embed)
>Doing meguca stuff, possibly with Yuma
>Kyouko trying to learn how to swim
>Kyouko attempting to cook
>Waking up with cute messy hair
>Offering a lap pillow
>Receiving headpats from my SI while visibly flustered/embarrassed
>Wearing Sayaka’s swimsuit (Different swimsuit from the last one I requested) i.imgur.com/O9Z3Mzn.jpg (embed)
>Wearing a nun outfit
>My SI and Kyouko at the beach
Anything cute or lewd is also appreciated!

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It's the 8th anniversary of me and waifu.
Requesting her by sea-side cafe during the sunset, in either a swimsuit or summer dress. Would prefer a big hat and tan lines.

-Doing that handstand
-Undressing/Lifting her shirt up like this imgur.com/a/dsoD63A
-SPORTY SWIMWEAR imgur.com/a/9jn4JYg
-Wearing Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday's outfit i.imgur.com/VS8jeRI.png
-In bodysuit + leotard combo imgur.com/a/7Sr49oM
-Eating Watermelons i.imgur.com/bbqV7ZX.png
-Messy hair and pajamas imgur.com/a/aTdhuL2
-Enthusiastically taking her clothes off, with a swimsuit underneath like Illya is
-As Izanami imgur.com/a/vbtUXKr
-Competition swimsuits imgur.com/a/ThHZAhK

Joint requesting with Elainafag wearing BA student uniforms. BB in Aru's outfit trying to look cool imgur.com/a/6UoPvGa

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Happy anniversary!