>get full on heart replacement surgery
>no scars
Modern medicine sure is amazing.

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>Just because you're a functioning member of society doesn't mean you may not carry a sadness with you
I didn't say that you assburguer, there is no evidence on Chisato being depressed.

Majima will save Chisato.

>replying to bait from 8 hours ago

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Reminder that Majima killed Chisato when he blew up the tower.

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Why did Majima look like this in the past? Did he have an eye surgery or something?

It has something to do with what they feed these girls to develop such thighs

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It was from minutes ago

I really want to know what happened to Mika's leg.

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arrow to the knee

I'm sure it's because she had the surgery in a young age.

Footjob gone wrong

The interview with his va said that Majima’s existence jeopardize Chisato’s Future.

Why didn't Chisato tell Takina that she was responsible for her getting back into the DA?

Why does Majima look like he’s 20 when Chisato was 8.

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Chisato's soft, pillowy chisatos.

Fucking hell.


That looks REALLY soft.

god damn it

I look like Mika irl

The same thing that happened to Gregory House.

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Is this referencing what I think it is

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The scar from a heart surgery would be further down, lower between the tits.

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he was blind, which supposedly is why he's got exceptionally good hearing. The Alan Project gave him new eyes, like they gave Chisato a new heart

Well I guess this is a thing

Takina was a good shooter before. Shooting a person on the leg to disable him/her should be an easy task for her.

I watched it on a normal pace.

Imagine motorboating the chisatos

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She was facing someone on par or better than her

I knew it.

This user knows.

Shooting someone in the leg who is running is the hardest thing you do. Life isn't a movie. Plus she had to aim high to avoid hitting Chisato

I don't get it.

>supposedly is why he's got exceptionally good hearing

That one on the right. Oh I see.

turn in your user card

Chisato's body was in the room with her and she wasn't conscious so she can't dodge her bullets this time

How do you know?

Takina looks likes that person.

If you didn't notice Takina has been turning into a loose shot ever since she started caring more and worrying for Chisato

When you think about it, it does make sense.