Why was Ruka such a girly girl this last episode? Normally she's a total tomboy with no femininity to be found.

>omg I want to be called angel
>omg I'm so clingy and jealous

Her personality was totally warped just to fit the needs of the plot.

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Because she was trying to win the Kinoshitas over.
Too bad there's nothing you can do against a perfect lady like Chizuru.

because she has to be married and impregnated and provided the daily dosis of good nakadashi from her husband.
good daily dosis of nakadashi from husband for a teen wife.

Ruka will not win
Mami will not win
Chizuru will "win" in an ambiguous ending once the manga gets axed
Kaguya will never stop being a simp and a sperg for Chizuru

Ruka deserves to be in a better manga

because its a dumpster fire user

>with no femininity to be found
she's literally looking to have a diabetic love story with the MC. What's more girly than that?

Her girly wishes contradict her tomboyish and bratty behavior.

Welcome to haremshit. Absurd character assassination to push the main girl. When will you people get it?

>likes to wear dresses
>wear a ribbon
>likes to cook for her man
>likes to go on dates
>likes to watch cheesy movies
>cries all the time
I don't see any tomboyish behavior at all. She's probably even girlier than Chizuru.

>Normally she's a total tomboy with no femininity to be found
Literally what the fuck have you been watching/ reading? Are you one of those people who just thinks short hair = tomboy? She was introduced as a rental girlfriend who sucked at physical activity and she's been a romance-obsessed clingy girlfriend since. She wears exclusively girly clothing and her defining accessory is a prominent hair ribbon. What part of any of that struck you as "tomboy" behavior?

>Normally she's a total tomboy with no femininity to be found.
What the fuck are you talking about? she has always been girly.

How is Chizuru girly? She's as gruff as a war vet.

Are the spoilers legit? Mini is showing up this week?

She was just acting that way to suck up to Kazuya's family. She was putting on an act the whole time.
Did you not pay any attention?? It's a simple harem anime retard

Mininis showing, and apparently, Kazuya is MIA after being kicked out from the Kinoshitas in favor of the filipino intern. .

bumping epic bread

I love Ruka and I hate that she is stuck in this shit manga. She should've gotten her spin off far away from this faggot MC.

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not ending up with kazuya is winning

>Normally she's a total tomboy
>with no femininity to be found

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she has a penis

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im hoping she was killed in the earthquake

Yeah, I too hate Mini.