She's looking at you user.

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can't talk, eating omurice

No, I won't give Alicia back, fuck off.

Alicia is already married to me, back off.

poy pohe poy poynyanpoey bwey

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I just watched Benedizione tonight. It's all over now.

Read the manga whilst listening to the anime OST. Do it whilst on a rainy night also.

I can't finish my collection of masterpiece because I'm a retard and didn't buy it on release, and now I can't get volume 5 because (I presume) paedos bought it up for the Alice cover.

I empathise with Ai-chan. That intense aura Akari's giving off would prompt to hide.

A fucking omelet with ketchup? Go back to the kitchen Akari, before I get angry

It's a fucking huge omelette though.

what do i do in this situation?

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You get in the gondola!

w-what are we gonna do in the gondola?

Learn about history you fool.

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You just know.

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Do you think Akari sleeps with Akatsuki and Ai at the same time or does she keep them separate?

This thread was made by the piece of shit troll who's been at it for 5+ years, don't reply.

Then why did you reply?

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Probably at the same time.

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