Raphi loves you!

Raphi loves you!

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I don't want her love! Bitch be crazy!

She loves Satania more

I want to love her back

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I thought /c/ was the moeshit board?

I love Raphi too!

Yea and I thought was the faggot board but I see sometimes we all make mistakes

Thank you, angel of god. I'll stay your faithful knight.
Hail jesus, fuck satania.

Nobody loves me

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made for domination loss

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Jesus and his angels does. Rejoice

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I think Raphi wants to bully me

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does she love me enough to hook me up with vigne??

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I don't think Raphi is capable of genuine love

The NEET angel vs The stacy archangel

I love licking her feet! I am her footboy!

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woof woof whine....

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Only her husband will ever see her naked.

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