Saint Seiya

Aiolia was a fucking joke in this chapter

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aioria has always been
Another Sunday of bad fights from a cheap production.

But the fights were good, way better than the original, what are you talking about?

>way better than the original

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Are you implying the original anime had fluid fights? lmao

>fluid fights
This isn't dragon ball spic, not even the manga had those

It's worse. Saint Seiya always intended to have fluid fights, Kurumada is just a hack that doesn't know how to draw

>those subs


>always intended to have fluid fights
Not with those dialogs, it didn't

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Why are you posting this?

also they fucked up in the scene where they took their capes off but showed him with it again in the resued animation for his special attack lol

>this isn't dragon ball spic, not even the manga had those
It is? Kurumada is just a shit artist.

Fucking read the manga again

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The manga that said

That knights throw thousands of kicks and punches per second?

All talk, is nothing but flashy energy attacks as it goes

>all talk
Kurumadaboos are really retarded. This guy clearly doesn't know how to draw fights and he makes excuses like that.

This probably in the Libra house with Hyoga.

Something about this episode, the fight scenes actually looked competently directed and impactful. We've come a long way from the saints flinging cheap looking fireballs at each other and calling that a fight from Season 1.

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I like how they are adding physical combat to see if people like those scenes for the Live action.

You just know this is someone's fetish on the team.

I liked how Shaka was a little WTF over Saga using the SI.

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>uy que miedo, mira como estoy temblando
>Not mira como tiemblo, mira como tiemblo

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>Stepping on lightning cosmo attacks is impactful
Fucking shills, man

He was caught off guard

They only appear as lightning cosmo attacks, in actually it is Aiolia punching at light speed. It would be like jumping off his arm.

Season 1 was hot garbage so don't call me a shill, but when it's improved it's improved.

I forgot the specific line, but yeah that was the idea

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>It would be like jumping off his arm
that's not how it works if the guy is jumping upwards the attacks and Aioria is standing still in front of him

It's cosmo I ain't gotta explain shit.

At this point Shaka has to know he's not Shion, right?

Kurumada's special, I see

In the manga, Shaka saw through the pope and what he found was justice. In the anime didn't care because detachment