Why is anime like this?

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If I'm going to be honest, penises look weird. A vagina isn't scary until you open it up. Penises are funny dangly bits that work like water hoses. I'm more likely to giggle at that than a regular hole.

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Huh. I always thought he was a girl.

What you mean to say is a vulva is not scary. The Vagina, labia major/minor, urethra, and clitoris can look scary. Sometimes true. Mostly the set looks tasty.

It's the other way around
Penis is lame and expendable
Vagina is sacred so you can't show it
This is one of the biggest hypocricy of modern society

Watch more anime. There a lot that have shown pussies. You're just obsessed with little girl cunny specifically.

They're usually obscured by bush or just totally barbie dolled. There's never any definition.

I'm talking about uncensored slits, not barbie doll anatomy. Pubes are more rare though.

It should be illegal for people under 13 to wear clothes


No there aren't. Fucking liar.
Name just 10

>he was a girl.

Good bait but I'm not spoon feeding you. We've posted them a million times. Just look at the archives.

>t-they exist bro trust me
As expected, you're full of shit

Have you heard of hentai?

You bore me

I can name one: Hi no Tori's karma chapter has a brief glimpse of Sachi's pussy.

Reflections don't count either

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dicks look funny, cunts don't
so if there's no funny, what's your real purpose there? Being a creep? Ya I thought so.

it's not a hypocrisy, it's just nature being expressed in societal form.
one man and many women can make the next generation.
one woman and many men spells doom.