Do girls really hate semen

Do girls really hate semen

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Only yours

Change diet if your cum tastes like shit

she's cute, whats this from?


Megani no Sprinter

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What's her problem?

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its sticky, gloppy, slimy, and the consistency of egg whites while tasting bitter and salty.
Or so I've heard

Japan loves raw egg and salty food though.

Terminal roastie syndrome

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Depends on the girl. I've been with girls that hated it and wanted nothing to do with it, and I've been with girls like my current gf that love it on them, in them, swallowing it, you name it.

They really wrapped up every single arc instantly didn't they?
Why couldn't the research have shown that creampie-ing your waifu leads to boosted testosterone?

Is this the fabled force of the thousand suns?

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no, he was being kicked out of the locker by his sister in law who's his semen retention personal trainer

Loved that page. Too bad the author died or whatever.

I really like her and the fact she went from hating him and his cum to becoming his literal cum dumpster.

>girls can totally feel it
This isn't true at all

She's in denial. The only thing keeping her from letting him go bare are her own professional aspirations