Dragon Ball Super

Jiren beat Goku and Bejita without issue. He won. They lost. Any questions?

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Jobren the LOSER lost

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>no Pan watch

Say his name.

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krillin moment

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And yet they're still the main characters of the franchise, how funny is that?

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>Dragon Ball Z
The main product.

>Dragon Ball
Optional prequel.

>Dragon Ball GT

>Dragon Ball Super
Fanfiction for zoomers.

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Discuss the movie NOW.

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i haven't seen it because I have covid...

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It was comfy

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>Optional prequel.

It was easily one of the best movies Toei has ever put out.

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Dragon Ball is the main product, hence every other sequel being named after it. NEVER speak in these hollowed hall again, FILTH.

Best movie in the franchise.


Tien Shinhan.

...but enough about Broly's movie.

I'm ready for Ragin' Raspberry Roshi, Tubular Tangerine Tien, Killer Kiwi Krillin, and YOLO Yumberry Yamcha.

It's optional, if you wish to see the origins of Goku/Piccolo/Tien/Yamcha/Krillin.

Z gave us Gohan & Vegeta, the most important characters.

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>waiting for her husband Trunks to appear

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's sequel Dragon Ball: Superhero
>verifcation not FUCKING required

Does THIS look like winning to you, TardkuRAT?

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These past few days I couldn't stop jerking off to Bulma, bros.

Tenshinhan or as his friends call him Ten.


Brilliant. Sasuke really outdid himself, unlike Toyo.

Dragon Ball is worth watching for its comfyness

>It's optional,
I think it's fundamental to the series.

To get a better scope of the series. It is vital to watch DB.

Tenshinhan has no friends.


>no Pan watch

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He lives alone with a small child.

BitchJobCuck the LoserToEveryMainVillain


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Correct Jirenbro. This image here? This is an image of Jiren sleeping after eating 27639 doughnuts to celebrate his victory.

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>No proof

Post Gohan and Femku, now.

Chiaotzu is his friend

Did you know that in the buu-saga, Gohan dropped out of the top 5 most popular characters. Recently he climbed back to 3rd place. So what did Super do right to make Gohan popular again?

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Get this smug piece if shit outta here!

>still fit
I wish I had this irl when I can eat like a Saiyan and still be lean.

I killed Mufasa.

...with benefits.

By having the only good slice of life episodes in Super.

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Giving him less screen time.

>what did Super do right
Turning him into a gag character.

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Jiren is the strongest.

>Why didn’t you tell me that you have a wife, Bejita-san?!?!

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