High School DxD Artstyle

Is season 4 artstyle really THAT bad? Maybe even some love it more than the other one

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I'm fine with it, people just got too used to the old one

Yes it looks like shit

No, Rias and Xenovia lost a bit of oneesan energy but thats it, Koneko and Akeno got better

>Is season 4 artstyle really THAT bad?
No. But it is definitely inferior to the original one. The original has more detail in the reflections and depicts them with spikes on the hair. That looks better than this.

>I'm fine with it
I'm not.

>people just got too used to the old one
Yea. Didn't like the artstyle change in SnK either because I was used to the original.

Is a season 5 happening?

I remembered a lot of posters preferring the new style considering Uno Makoto was in charge of character designs.

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As an Uno Makoto fan I loved it. It was a little jarring at first being such a change from the the art style of the first 3 seasons though.

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You can dress up a mud puddle in as many different ways you can think of, its still mud.

They increased Asia's cup size a lot huh

They implied in the LN that issei influences their bodies/tits to grow, even koneko in the future ends up with big fat cat tats.