OH MY ORIGAMI HEART has taken the throne as the biggest asspulll in shounen manga history

OH MY ORIGAMI HEART has taken the throne as the biggest asspulll in shounen manga history.

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Try harder to force this. Meanwhile. rent free

And yet we still use a HxH reference for an asspull. How curious.

Someone actually wrote this and thought it was okay

Because hxh is just the superior shounen manga, everything else is a lesser copy.

was it foreshadowed? if so, it cannot be an asspull

>was it foreshadowed?

We've had way bigger asspulls in manga... but this is def the biggest in MHA


>Horikoshi applauding himself after avoiding being doxxed/threatened/bombarded by Bakugou fujoshi fans to the surprise of absolutely no one

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At least using post-mortem nen to restart a heart made sense, even if it was an asspull. This is just bad writing.

it would have made more fucking sense for best jeanist to manipulate muscle fibers into creating some pseudoheart

I'm now convinced Hunter fags are making these threads to unironically meme this into reality, you should know by now it's not gonna happen. O MY RUBBER NEN will always be king.

>caring about BHNA
They couldn't care less about a corpse manga that died 50 chapters ago.

Will having a sentient heart power up Bakugo?
Is there some form of logic where more blood pumping will make more sweat and strong explosions?

No, actually it's the opposite, less blood pumping can increase sweat cause of a negative feedback that activates the symphatetic system

it's from a character that we barely saw in the manga and we only know he can fold himself to be really thin we dont know how is he going to turn into a heart exactly and why will it work
so yeah an asspull

This was just so this faggot could have 2 quirks too, wasn't it?

Reminder that Jeremy is falseflagging as a hatefag and he is a mod driving up traffic

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Not even remotely. It's one of the most annoying asspulls in manga in general in a while.
You might be right, but this is legitimately worse than rubber nen.

The difference is MHAfags don't act like MHA is the greatest thing ever

You say, but a ton of retards have been defending this ever since it was revealed.

That's actually sad if even your biggest fans think the series is not that good.

Lol the opposite actually. Jeremy actually thinks it's the greatest thing ever

Yeah, a superior joke