Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

We Taimanin Himawari now

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Is Shino the new Kiba?

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That's Sasuke. I don't know why people makes fun of Konohamaru when there's Sasuke who is the biggest jobber in Naruto.

If Shino is Kiba then who is Kiba supposed to be?

Tenten #2.

Nah, tenten didn't have a catfag boyfriend.

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>No Sumire

She isn't a main girl so why are you surprised?

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>Is Shino the new Kiba?
Wait, so Shino is a sexy chad now ?

Wait, so that was Kawaki disguised as Iruka, right? How the fuck was he doing that with his tongue?

>waaaah why isnt naruto talk no jutsuing the aliens they've ruined his character waaaah

Yes, I'm serious. He didn't TnJ the clearly insane wannabe Uchiha eugenicist either, now did he?

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He'll probably try and TnJ Code when he gets him face-to-face to no avail. Even Boruto realizes the guy can't be reasoned with.

>Mitsuki, Boruto, Inojin, Denki, Metal

Kiba Arc When ?

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Orochimaru's tongue thing became mainstream in ninjutsu.

If you were writing a sequel to Naruto, either Boruto or not: What would be the story? Who would be the main characters? Who would be the villains? And what would be the ending?

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Nice try, Jump. I'm not giving away my ideas for free.

>What would be the story?
Something like Shippuden, but without the bad guys looking to capture giant beasts and without a Pain/Tobi who's Obito/Madara/Zetsu/Kaguya showing up every and becoming the new bad guy
>Who would be the main characters?
Can keep Boruto's cast
>Who would be the villains?
I kinda like Kara, but without the alien shit and overpower androids. Keep it with the monk wanting the world to go back like it was, a mad scientist creating robots and clones, the cult thing and etc
>And what would be the ending?
Boruto fights the bad guy and when he kills the guy, he's sent 70 years into the future where all of his friends are dead except for Mitsuki and he has to deal with the future now, seeing his friends' kids and nephews and nieces