Ghost Stories

Momoko a cute.

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S2 when?

When Twitter shuts down.

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Oh my god, she's gonna suck us off for a Scooby snack?

Oh my god, she's gonna suck us off for a Scooby snack!

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>American humor

Yeah and it saved this show from total failure and obscurity.

Whatever. Just the suck the cock, cock sucker.

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Cute pantsu too.

Not really. It was a standard white pantsu. Slutsuki- I mean Satsuki, had some cute panties.

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Americans can’t function without their reddit-tier marvel quips

IIRC there's one show where they're blue or lavender and have frills.
My memory's a bit hazy though.

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How did she get away with that anyway? I thought girls were required to wear white panties to school.

I feel jealous of our Lord Jesus. I mean, the devotees he's getting these days...

I doubt you could enforce that kind of rule without breaking a few laws.

I never got this claim. Sure, the meme dub is funny, as much as any decently made abridged parody is, but I watched this show as a kid dubbed in my own language (a proper dub true to the original) and I liked it a lot.
I keep seeing you faggots go around acting like this anime was the worst thing that happened since the freeing of niggers but it was a perfectly fine anime.

The stripped one had frills but she had some light blue and pink ones. That slut had 11 pantyshots total (though some of them were hard to catch).

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They have to make up these groundless claims to feel justified in liking this shit.