2002 was 20 years ago

>2002 was 20 years ago
>Azumanga, FMP, Beyblade, RahXephon, .hack, Chobits, TM GXP, Cyborg 009, Fushigi Yuugi, etc. are technically "retro" now
We're too old for this now, bros.

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Better now, sis?

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Those were all gay anime even back then, I was a Death Note, Love Hina, Trigun, Tench Muyo, and Dragonball Z kinda chad

> he's still using old shit

You were a death note "chad" in 2002?

>Azumanga was 20 years ago
Just put me in a home already, my time is long past.

Calm down bro.

>those were all gay anime
Holy trash can of shit taste.
Go back.

>Go back
I was here before that was even part of the nufag lexicon
>Tells me to go back
LMFAO you are still gay 20 years later

I grew up with Pokemon, Digimon, Dragon ball (the original) and then later really warmed up to anime with Death Note, Naruto and the likes. Your boomer shit taste is lame

>those old series from my childhood are old now because I am old and it's been really long

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was 20 years ago
not it was-

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Well, are you a fat bald ugly bastard yet, old man?

Row Row fight da powa, amirite guys..............guys....?
*disintegrates into dust*

Why does Eggman look so sad?

Wonder if I should just off me. And Raxephon was garbage.

Row row fight dementia

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Because now Any Forums is full of doubleniggers

>cyborg 009
no fucking shit. its from the 60's

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"Retro" to me means somethine new that's trying to emulate an older style. And to me, "old" will always mean "from before I was born."

It's all so tiresome. I may just stop watching anime altogether.

>Fushigi Yuugi
You just made this one up

I'm never getting old. I'll be watching seasonal stuff well into my 90s and giving the new generations shit, like a hair metal band well past its expiration date.

Ok boomer.