Chainsaw Man

The manga going bi-weekly killed the hype, why did Fujimoto become so lazy? He just returned from a 2 year hiatus

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SHITsa killed the hype

i want fujimoto to save nihei's career

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Okay but what actually killed the hype?

Asa killed the manga hype
Shit VAs killed the anime hype.

>Last thread had to be necrobumped 2 times

What went so, so wrong?

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bi-weekly + no leaks = nothing to discuss

Good. The hypefags are insufferable.


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oh no, the "hype"
god forbid you chittering fucking monkeys don't have a reason to shit up the board every seven days

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Oh no... time to move on.

Just now realized that this is from Aki's pov or memories judging by the end.

The pacing is shockingly slow for some reason. Asa just stumbles around talking about nothing with Yor and glassses girl

You fucking adhd kiddies remember to not post images during the chapter dump.

Good, let it stay dead.

Retards expecting the initial chapters to be as happening-heavy as the second half of the first part when they bandwagonned. It's not like the beginning of the first part was really fast or anything, some retards even axeposted it.

but that's a good thing, it filters the subhuman low quality posters

I'm fine with biweekly if they're going to have ~50 pages each just like the last one

Also this, get it into your thick head you faggots

Keep dreaming. Last chapter was a special occasion because of denji's return

So, what was the prank?

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Who the fuck cares, it's about whether it's good right? We don't have enough of part 2 to know if it's good yet.
Anyway make some predictions.

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what makes you think that this one isn't going to be a "special occasion" too? we aren't really in a bi-weekly schedule


Fuck the hype, the less secondaries the better.
And I hope he takes as long as he needs, I'm sure there will be weekly chapters from time to time for smaller chapters, but Jump+ freedom means he can pace the chapters however he likes.

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I thought that Aki was used to be pegged by Himeno

I hope they don't show the prank, it's funnier imagining whatever pissed Aki off that much.

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