Do you like it when the wish fulfilment magic autism isekai turns into a political thriller?

Do you like it when the wish fulfilment magic autism isekai turns into a political thriller?

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Only when it leads to gore and NTR.

Charm works better with tears.

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>rape and mindbreak girl
>listen to her complaining for a bit
>give her a hug and tell her it'll be daijibu
>get her loyalty for life
Wtf does it really work like that???

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New chapter out btw after six months. Translated part came out a few hours ago

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The mindbreak part was too short but I am sure you can make it work. If a husk of a human like Ferzen can do it, anyone can. You have to erase all other alternatives first though to guarantee success.

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You wouldn't fuck a half-elf

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Isn't this one like 1/4 human?

bls resbond this time

How do you guys find the original language titles for qidian webnovels? I'm trying to find 'Got A Steam Transmigration Tool In The Roman Republic' by Jiajun Drip and can't get anything. Also, does anyone have any recommendations for novels in that same vein, ie 'guy goes back in time/to an alternate fantasy time and uses his modern knowledge to help him achieve fame and money'?

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Yeah. Id rather a full elf and a saintess at it

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>is it cute
>is it female
give me one good reason why I wouldn't

I can't even find the english version to help you out. Generally, the translators should include the raw name when putting out something. When that's not the case, I usually try reverse mtl. This works mostly when the the translation is mtled and so is the title. As for your question about similar series, basically any time travel Isekai, it's not that unique at all.

Onmyouji is autistic as fuck. As long as he remains like this he will forever student zone his girls

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yay for diagrams

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Got a list of series where main love interest is an elf and they have done it?

He should fuck the fox already

thats a big zipper

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But you will if you ask for the sauce of this cuckfest, although for gook standards it's relatively mild.

Failure Frame. The best possible example for that.

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It's tricky, because I put it into my library when it was in the 'upcoming releases' section, and when it was up there clicking the link used to take you to its page with the story summary and comments section, but now it's a broken link that just sends you to the front page.

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>Fuck fox
What about Efa the big booba 1w year old BLONDE?

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Just look at the sex chart, there's a bunch
The elf in this one is so crazy, she's like that /tg/ meme come to life

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That "Oh shit, I might of fucked up" look is perfect.

I thought she was the cutest up until that very page you posted

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Why can't that type of mc be allowed to not understand the girls are seriously interested in him, but still agree to fuck them because they asked?

>Wolf meido notices her master doesnt seem himself and ask him who he is
>MC uses knowledge of game to alleviate her suspicions
>Ends up falling more for her "master"

Heh my man with the Netori skills

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But thank you for the effort nevertheless. I had the same idea of backtranslating the title to chinese with google and all that but still can't find it.

This one had a godly end for an isekai
Hell, most legit nip manga in general don't end as well as this one.
Shame what happened to the publishing

Whats wrong with that page? Her eyes are sparkling in anticipation of being possibly bred

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