Kunoichi Higuruma

Why is she such a psychopath? Isn't she supposed to be the overly positive, hyperactive troublemaker genki?

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Higuruma my happy daughter

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Playing favorites here Tachiaoi, huh?

I love Higuruma, she quickly rose to my top 5 by the end of the season. Something about her whimsy and joy fills me with life and I just want to kill rabbits with her

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Someone said she hasn't had a thread yet. I find this hard to believe.

Ume and especially Itadori not having had a thread is harder to believe

I want to see Higuruma with her hair loose. She probably looks like a lion with a mane.
(I had a gf like that, she was gorgeous and had a huge wild blonde-to-ginger mane, however she was a psycopathic bitch.


Is there a single girl that isn't improved by her face?

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No wonder she is such an awful leader.

Higuruma is an cute and energetic little girl and not a psycho.

Go back to /cm/ or /y/, homo. Shotas are annoying little shits.

Don't talk to me ever again

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The first step to recovery is acceptance

>Higuruma, stop eating that live rabbit

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does every single girl have matching hair and eyes? am I fucking retarded for just noticing?

Her giant eyes and smile makes her look like a sociopath. If I had to look at her every morning I'd be a scared little bitch like Hagi as well.

what are those things in the middle of their forehead? eyebrows? i dont think that is where they go

Imagine how she rips a rabbit apart with her bare hands.

>Why? They taste the best fresh!

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I'd love for this series to get popular enough to get dubbed. I don't watch dubs but I would enjoy the pending shit storm on Any Forums. I don't think the west has enough females for this show. Especially girls with loli voices.

Noone dares to make a thread about Itadori because of gun violence.

Don't really want to see the seething of hags about this show.

Just wait until she graudates to murdering and eating other kunoichis.

The eyebrows belong above the eyes.
All of then have their eyebrows at about that hight