What makes him so interesting?

What makes him so interesting?

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No, he's just a toy subject for Hisoka.

Then why does he have his own arc and plots one might ask? It's uh simple, the more explored the character is the more tasty they taste, just like gon having the entire highlight for him for it to be 3 michelin stars dinner.

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Yo is that a reference to Junji Itos model?

He cute

the manga he was in was canceled before he could be fleshed out so people are interested in what could have been

Chrollo literally broke him

He's carried by his design/good looks.
I wouldn't mind being on the receiving end of his savage stomping.


He knows Nobunaga

This. Standard mystery bait and filling in the pieces with your own headcanon

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First and foremost he's a good fit for leader of that particular group. He demonstrates understanding of their weaknesses, strengths and embodies their identity as outsiders. It's not that he's a warm person or even just the mastermind but that he displays unreserved appreciation for who they actually are. In this turn of events he realizes his ultimate purpose is stopping Hisoka and to me is an expression of serious doubt in his own ability.

He already stopped Hisoka but plot returned him

I think it was kind of necessary for this particular character arc. There wouldn't be any real reason for him to feel like a fraud otherwise. When Kurapika captured him he could have just gone out as a martyr of sorts.

I think the idea behind him is fine.
He is a person lacking an identity or sense of self but in always in search of one.
He insists that he is nothing more than the disposable head of a group, where each member themselves function as disposable limbs.
Yet not only is he someone the group needs as at an individual level, but he himself can't see the members as disposable.
His conflict with identity reflects in his hatsu bandit's secret. He takes other identities, as nen is an extention of one's self.
And when asked why he kills by gon, he says maybe it's how he'll realize who he is.

As a character, he's an intelligent, capable and charismatic leader of a murder brigade. Who he shares a deep bond with, despite insisting otherwise.

Uvosan~ Can you hear us?

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good analysis

Gon is basically asking him how he's capable of evil. He answers that he doesn't really know what's different about him. He doesn't really address what his plan is, outside of stuff that's evident from his actions which boil down to taking everything he likes, admiring it for a bit and then abandoning it which doesn't necessarily involve killing.

He's Crocodile from One Piece but gay

I trimmed the conversation down for my purpose, only addressing the last line. Gon question was how chrollo could kill people who had nothing to do with him.

Which is just asking how he's capable of evil. He replies that others and their suffering aren't his concern. He then goes further and admits that he doesn't know how he's different. Whether he finds meaning in violent acts isn't really addressed, they're more of a byproduct.