Code Geass

Will CG ever get remastered/remade or have a new season focusing on who's left after the original? Surely something is brewing after all the remakes we're seeing and new seasons popping for old shows, right?

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If it doesn't have JIBUN WO, I'm not watching it.

What if we get JIBUN TWO?

You just want a CC thread.

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You miss her too, admit it.

I do. And i still love her.

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What's her bush like?

Millions of women and girls before Lelouch.

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Don't act like you don't know that.

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I still love her too. She just has a charm that cannot be beat.
I thought you did a mispost and this was that woman from HO that gets spammed here often. That's really hot.

They announced a sequel anime called Code Geass: Dakkan no Z almost two years ago, but nothing has been known about it since then.

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Cancelled? Postponed?

There’s always new Code Geass shit coming out, user. You already got your retelling with the recap movies and their sequel film.

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Don't we all?

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I hope we do.

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Do you think she drained Lelouch after the movie?

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She drained him so hard he had to beg for water.

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>a new season focusing on who's left after the original?
Have you not watched the movie? If you haven't that's almost a good thing, because it sucks. But unfortunately that is the new canon that the franchise considers official now because the original killed off characters that were too profitable.

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CC went right back to here cock hopping adventures after Lelouch died huh?

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I love how people tried to say that they were just surrogate mother and child.

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